Heroes, Villains, and wUrld-Builders,

It’s time we give our creativity RESPECT on the level of the world’s biggest movie & tv franchises.

You’re invited to our very special LIVE Q&A with the world's leading transmedia producer, Jeff Gomez. Jeff is legendary, with a career spanning across Hollywood, gaming, comics, government, education and more.

As CEO of Starlight Runner Entertainment, he advises Disney on the Marvel and Star Wars properties, as well as our social film studio ReelwUrld and our first show Justice For Hire.

All are welcome to join us and connect on Monday, February 7, at 6pm EST/3pm PST via Zoom. RSVP here.

See you in 3 hours.

TONIGHT at 8 pm EST/5pm PST, Jan will be interviewing former FBI Hostage Negotiator Chip Massey. We’d love for you attend and learn from Chip. Come with questions …I promise, we are not NARCs.

Please RSVP here. If you can't attend, but still have a question for Chip, respond to this email with your question and we’ll ask.

This is the third episode of The Value Add podcast, powered by ReelwUrld (the studio behind Justice For Hire.) The podcast is streamed live every Monday at 8pm EST/5pm PST on Zoom.

ICYMI: Listen to last week’s ep of The Value Add w/ Mark Hiraide, our general counsel, former SEC attorney, and expert on equity crowdfunding. We spoke about how he envisions equity crowdfunding leveling the playing field for entrepreneurs, and why the spirit of equity crowdfunding is similar to NFT’s and blockchain.


It’s Autumn (aka AK1_DR) here. I want to address a question that we get quite a lot, and while we’ve talked about it at various Hero Meetups, I want to clarify even further this week: ”How can I make money with JFH?” Jan and I have condensed the answer into this 30 second video.

This video’s important. It’s KEY to our production company ReelwUrld’s success. Our mission is to help a billion people be their own superheroes in movies by 2030. Please tell the world so we can reach our goal!

JFH is ReelwUrld’s only “wUrld” (aka cinematic universe) right now, but one day, we’ll have many many more. You, and fans of other wUrlds, must be able to monetize the work you put into creating compelling, cinematic stories using our platform.

Also, two more videos to check out this weekend:

  1. The Setting Walkthrough–If you head over to the app right now, you’ll find “The Setting” Challenge under the “Journey” section of the Challenges page. Follow along with Jan as he helps you get the most out of your Hero’s environment. Whether you're confined to your bedroom or can only shoot in the parking lot across the street, he’ll help you make your Setting look and feel cinematic.

  2. Jan sat down with longtime JFH Hero The EQ a couple weeks back for a Development Call (schedule yours via the banner on the wUrld page of the app.) The EQ and his brother MOU3E consistently bring exciting ideas to our Meetups and they are hard at work on a special story to share with the community.

We love and appreciate your support and creativity, as always.