Thank you all for attending the first Hero Meetup of 2022, featuring special guest Danny Fingeroth, former Marvel Comics’ Spider-Man editor and author of Stan Lee’s biography, as well as Gossip Girl’s Angelic Zambrana, who is playing a major character in our show. The Meetup inspired profound thoughts about why true HEART is so important to the future of entertainment and all aspects of living. Jan already wrote all about it right here.

Before we run down the list of upcoming events for this week, take a moment to get in-character and watch our latest JFH promotion, “Hire a Hero.” This promo shows off the wide-range of heroes available for hire on our app. Share this video with friends who may want to become a Client and request help from Heroes via the JFH app. We’re always recruiting, too, so share with all the heroic people in your life as well.

Now, this week’s schedule:

  1. Monday: Meet Pro Race Car Driver Ryan Kerrison at 8pm EST (RSVP). As many of you know, the studio behind JFH, ReelwUrld, is raising money on WeFunder. Ryan is ReelwUrld’s lead investor. Learn more about his background and the expertise he brings to JFH & ReelwUrld.

  2. Tuesday: Jan will be on That Phat Samurai Guy’s podcast at 9pm EST (WATCH). They’ll talk about JFH & ReelwUrld, and review some action movies.

  3. Wednesday: Andra, JFH app developer both in-character and out-of-character, is hosting a beginner’s coding workshop at 6pm EST (RSVP). This is a great place to learn how to start coding or ask questions to sharpen your skills.

Stay tuned for more details on when Jan will start LIVE EDITING the next season of Justice For Hire. Yep, once again for those who were not at last week’s Hero Meetup, Jan will be editing the upcoming season of Justice For Hire LIVE. We’re fleshing out the details in these coming weeks.

As always, thank you for being a part of the JFH community. See you this week.


DISCLAIMER: JFH Is NOT a vigilante app. It is for collaborative cinematic storytelling purposes.

Updated: Jan 10


Due to covid, we’ve rescheduled our next Hero Meetup for January 7 at 8pm EST. RSVP here.

2021 was our biggest year yet and it’s because of all the ambitious new ways we came together as a community–we slayed the Action Scene Competition, we conquered 2x Comic Con’s, our summer shoot in NYC was next-level, JFH episode 01 got over 7.5M views on TikTok because of all your passion, we partnered with Wash The Hate in solidarity with the Asian American community, and the JFH App Test Team put in work to make the app better every week. All that ^ and more.

Join us next Friday at 8pm EST for Hero Meetup XXIV to celebrate this incredible year of coming together as a community to make history as the world’s 1st show ever made with the audience.

And on that big, strong, heroic note of making history, we present to you the first video you’ll see when entering the JFH App: The Welcome Video.

This video is the most simple, concise, and powerful explanation of the JFH app to-date. It has taken us years and years to make joining the JFH cinematic universe as fun and easy as it is today and we can’t wait to refine that process even more with you this coming year.

Please share both the video and a Hero Meetup XXIV invite with anyone you know who may be interested in joining JFH as a hero, villain, or client–or anyone who simply wants to watch all this magic happen.


Join us.

Heroes (and Villains), We’ve FINALLY launched ReelwUrld on WeFunder!

This is the studio & technology that’s producing our Justice For Hire show and shared Cinematic Universe. Now, you can invest in what we believe will be the future of the film, TV, and commercial production industries.

We’re building a world where movies and shows are made with the audiences that love themwhere fans participate in the story as characters, writers, directorsto create a new cultural standard.

Since we launched exceeding the $50K minimum funds required (THANKS everyone that has already invested), we qualify for our first official email blast from WeFunder to their network of about 1 million investors, which happened this morning. AND next Friday we’ll have a public interview with one of WeFunder’s media investors. TODAY IS A BIG DAY.

Big enough for a special launch video from our lead investor, Ryan Kerrison. His belief in what ReelwUrld & JFH are and can become is beyond motivating to our whole team.

The JFH community has been instrumental in us getting to this moment and we’d love for you to take this next step with us as an investor in ReelwUrld. Early investors receive a 30% discount on the share price until we hit $150K, after which shares will be at full price. Here’s the link to our refined page on WeFunder with our snazzy new launch graphics: https://wefunder.com/reelwurld/

If the minimum investment on WeFunder is out of your budget, we’ll have other opportunities to get deeper into our movement coming up soon. Whether you invest or not, being a part of the JFH cast and expanding our universe by creating content is still a major win for us all. Today, we officially go forth to build out a vision that is as big as the entire world and will span across lifetimes. We look forward to welcoming all that join us on WeFunder. Thanks as always for the love and support. With Love,

Team JFH