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We Leveled Up @ San Diego Comic Con 2022

Comic-Con was OURS! We hosted 2 events, gave out 3 production deals, and joined multiple ICONS on the most prestigious martial arts cinema panel. We’ve captured the epic-ness of last weekend in just 55 seconds for your enjoyment:

We gave out three $10K production deals in our three days at Comic Con and we can’t wait to start building with the winners. These four folks pitched the strongest original character ideas to get their own origin story episode in Justice For Hire. Here’s a little bit more about them:

Congrats to our SDCC winners, who in the coming days will begin training with us like action heroes, building their characters and stories like Hollywood franchises, and preparing to collaborate with all of you.

A couple quick shout outs: Thank you to our new events partner and king of cosplay parties Bernie Bregman (who we also just found out is a 2x world champion laser tag player?!?!).

Another special thanks to Ric Meyers for having us at the Super Hero Kung Fu Extravaganza panel. We were beyond honored to join Shang-Chi and Everything Everywhere All at Onceaction team The Martial Club, comedian Matthew Page of Master Ken fame, Paper Tigers’director Bao Tran, YouTube’s That Phat Samurai Guy and leading film remastering commentator Frank Djeng.


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