Heroes, Villains, and Clients,

Hero #0 Jan here. Today at 8pm EST / 5pm PST I will be interviewing my father, Jan C. Childress, for ReelwUrld's The Value Add Podcast.

We'll discuss his career in comics as a critic and writer (including writing the original JFH comics - get a free download on the JFH App via the banner on the wUrld page). We’ll also touch on his experience across Marvel, DC, Valiant, Defiant, and other publishers, as well as how comics and martial arts (he’s a 4X world champ) combined to influence the foundation of what we’re building together as a community at JFH and ReelwUrld.

I'm particularly excited to discuss my father's unpublished Silver Surfer book for Marvel that planted a seed in my 10-year-old mind that stories needed to be told with community participation. You're welcome to join us on Zoom for the live recording and Q&A. RSVP here.

And Happy President's Day!

With Love,

Jan L.


Hero Meetup XXV is going down tomorrow (Friday) at 8pm EST / 5pm PST. Jan just started live editing the next season of JFH today on Twitch and he’ll need your help to make this the world-changing series it’s destined to be. We’ll talk about that and more tomorrow night. RSVP here.

Why is live editing such a big deal? As Jan live-edits, he’ll need YOU to submit content via the JFH app to be included in the show. The best way to guarantee you are in the show is to do all the missions and challenges on the app RIGHT NOW. Please reach out with questions or schedule a development call if you need help ideating on your stories.

Remember: EVERY CHARACTER AND SCENE MATTERS. So, if your scene doesn’t make it into a particular episode, it’s still part of the universe, and it could be used later, maybe even years later.

Also, welcome the newest Hero to join our cinematic universe: Sergeant Biscuit. His Hero Profile Video is full of personality. Get out your pen, you're gonna need to take notes to keep up with this guy.

As always, thanks for being a part of this community.

See you tomorrow.


Heroes, Clients & Villains,

We are finally organized with enough content to start editing the JFH Series live on Twitch next week. Get ready to make scenes that are meant to be seen in a big way.

Also, ReelwUrld, the social film studio behind Justice For Hire, has a new mission statement to help a BILLION people become superheroes in movies and shows. We’ve got a new 1-minute video to go with that updated mission statement too. Please watch below.

This same video now precedes our Vision Video on ReelwUrld’s WeFunder page. If you’re over 18 and want to be a co-owner of the studio producing JFH, take a look.

In JFH app news, we now have 10 MISSIONS released and ready for you to take on. Go to JusticeForHire.app, press the Yin Yang button, then press Hero to get on your Hero grind.

And finally, in case you missed the PROFOUND last episode of our podcast with Jeff Gomez (advisor to Star Wars, Marvel, and ReelwUrld), take a listen on Spotify, Apple, Google Podcasts, or watch below.

With love,

JFH Team