Justice For Hire (aka JFH) is a crowdsourced cinematic universe, meaning you—the audience—are our cast. You make the content. We build out the JFH universe and series together.

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In case you're well on your way to full origin story (congrats 👏) or need a little inspiration, here are the JFH assets (our original sounds, app graphic, logos, etc.) that have debuted in the series so far. The assets include the original JFH score from renowned cyberpunk band Angelspit. Have fun!


World-renowned cyberpunk

band Angelspit. Follow them



S.Michael00, a hip-hip veteran with 

credits including Ludacris and

Mary J. Blidge. 


Additional Crew

Jan Lucanus 

Justice For Hire creator, world champion martial artist

Somnang Vann

Justice For Hire cinematographer 

Andra Roxana Stanciu

Justice For Hire app developer, Social Change Film Festival producer

Autumn Noel Kelly

Justice For Hire advisor, entertainment journalist and editor

John Machado

Justice For Hire advisor, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu icon 

Barry Navidi 

Justice For Hire advisor, Al Pacino's producing partner