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We just dropped the most important Comic-Con panel 🎤⚡

You already know that by being in the Justice For Hire community, you are helping to make cinematic history. What we’re doing–producing a show together as creators across the world– has never been done before. But did you know that a lot of how we do things was inspired by 4 specific filmmakers?

Well, my dream of uniting these 4 for a Comic-Con panel came true this week.

JFH united Legion M’s President Jeff Annison, HitRECord’s Producer Gaurav Misra, Marvel/Star Wars advisor Jeff Gomez, and Emmy-Winning Producer of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries Jenni Powell. This historic panel hosted by yours truly is a game changer for anyone looking toward the future of entertainment, and it’s a big deal to see all the love these heavy-hitters have for what we are accomplishing as a community with JFH.

Other reminders for Comic-Con Week:

  • We’re giving away three $10K deals at our events this week. Here’s the latest video with all the details:

  • Thursday, we are guests on Comic Con’s Superhero Kung Fu Extravaganza with a special presentation of Justice For Hire. 8pm, Room 6A.

HIT US UP IF YOU'RE AT SAN DIEGO COMIC CON. Come party or let’s make a video together or something!

With Love,

Jan L.


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