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Justice For Hire (JFH) wins Best Web Series and Best Visual Effects awards for Season 1 episodes 1-4 (releasing to public soon) at WarnerMedia's Urban Action Showcase. Congrats to the entire cast. Go team!

You love comic book movies, but do they love you? Fans create incredible content around their favorite franchises every day—fan fiction, fan art, LARP or cosplay— but other than the occasional shoutout from a brand, there’s little recognition for the fans.

In the age of social media, how can we as a culture and community integrate the audience into larger narratives when Hollywood studios weren’t built to be inclusive?

Star Wars actor Ahmed Best joins our very own JFH creator/ReelwUrld CEO Jan Lucanus and ReelwUrld co-founder Autumn Noel Kelly, world's leading Transmedia Producer Jeff Gomez, former Spider-Man editor Danny Fingeroth, and Larp Census co-founder Aaron Vanek to discuss the new frontier of fan involvement in narrative storytelling.

Watch below. #TakeBackOurStories

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