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Kicking Down Doors & Tossing Up Deals

Hero #0 Jan here. Last week we made history with Dopl, and next week we’re making history at San Diego Comic and you can be a party to it (aha! You’ll see that’s a pun below). We’ll be blowing minds and giving out $30K in deals. Here’s the facts in 3 categories:

Last week

  • Our LIVE Soho NYC event with Dopl was a dope Hero Meetup wit great vibes and real action figures getting made. Check out this video recap:

This weekend

  • I’m hosting what will be a historic panel of TITANS to kickoff Comic Con week. The people that inspired me to see what was possible with JFH for the future of film & TV are uniting: HitRECord’s Gaurav Misra, Legion M’s Jeff Annison, Starlight Runner’s Jeff Gomez, LonelyGirl13’s Jenni Powell - ALL on one panel. Together, we are Defining Social Filmmaking. We’ll release the full talk this coming week.

Next week

  • We’re giving out three $10K development and production deals at our Comic Con EVENTS to show the world how serious we are about taking fan creativity seriously. Gratitude to our new ReelwUrld events partner Bernie Bregman on the parties. Here’s the announcement video:

  • To be eligible for the deal:

    • 1. Register your original character on

    • 2. Attend any of our 3 Comic Con events below.

    • 3. Meet us at the event and pitch us on why your character should get the deal (I’ll be handing out popcorn and selling stock in ReelwUrld for our current crowdfunding campaign on

  • Details for each event:

    • Wednesday July 20 @ 8pm: Ready Party One: Love & Thunder event - Use code “JFH” to get $10 off your ticket:

    • Thursday July 21 @ 8pm: The 25th Annual San Diego Comic Con Superhero Kung Fu Extravaganza featuring me, JFH cast members, and the premiere of our new trailer. - Convention Center, Room 6A - for tickets go to

    • Friday July 22 @ 8pm: Tim Burton Bash. - Ticket link:

There’s still a lot to do before Con. Let me/us know if you want to join us and the events and we’ll plan to see you there.

Thanks as usual for the love and support.

With Love,

Jan L.


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