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A New Era for Justice For Hire 💪🎥☯️

We’ve built a CINEMATIC UNIVERSE TOGETHER and the new season of our show is on another level! Watch this 54-second video to see what I mean:

Whether you’re a martial artist, a hacker, skater, helper, spy, or someone that has an eye for what needs to be fixed in the world, the heroes (and villains) of JFH are ready to get to work. 🦸🏻‍♀️🦸🦸🏿‍♂️ Join the cast for free right from your phone on, Ally, Rival, and Hire heroes, and expand the JFH Cinematic Universe with YOUR STORY 📲. The characters and content you create become part of the show, and there are always new opportunities for cast members to come film on set, attend premieres, train action choreography, and more. 🤜🎥☯️

JFH is the very first wUrld from @reelwurld, the first cinematic social network where everything you post is part of a movie or show that we’re making together. Learn more and invest to build the company with us on 🎬

Thanks as usual for consistent support and more good news coming soon!

With Love,


Justice For Hire Founder aka Hero #0

DISCLAIMER: JFH Is NOT a vigilante app. It is for collaborative cinematic storytelling purposes.


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