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BIG JFH DROP: The Story So Far... R U Hero or Villain in the Timeline? 😇😈

The time has come for our BIGGEST VIDEO EVER, JFH: The Story So Far..., showing how EVERYONE on the JFH App is part of one cinematic universe, and how each character can appear in our show!

It's a huge honor to make this show and build our shared universe with you.


A LOT of exciting things will come from this video.


One thing I'm working on is partnering with a streamer like Netflix or Amazon to expand our show into longer form content starring our community. I'll keep you updated on this, and you can expect a widescreen version of The Story So Far... soon to play for the more traditional film & TV audience.


Up next, we'll continue where we left off with new episodes of JFH Hero SZN and you'll see more Missions & Challenges for you to take on within the JFH App that can be included in videos like today's release.


Finally, I'm going one-by-one and saying hi to every JFH Hero, Villain, and Client on the app. Check your JFH DMs for the message, Ally or Rival me, or feel free to reach out to me first (search "Jan" on the main wUrld page where all the cast is listed). I LOVE all of the amazing character's y'all have created.


Sending heroic thoughts your way with heart,


Jan aka JFH Hero #0


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