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Need help with your story? Schedule a Development Call


The best part of any good cinematic universe are its characters (RIP Tony Stark). So in the spirit of world building and creating the most compelling characters we possibly can, we want to remind you all to schedule a Development Call with us. You can do so by clicking on the “Development Call” banner via the wUrld page on the JFH App.

What are Development calls? Upon request, JFH Founder Jan Lucanus speaks face-to-face (on zoom) with JFH cast members--Heroes, Clients and Villains--about crafting their character’s story. Discussions can be around an origin story, a single JFH scene, completing an existing Challenge or Mission on the app, or literally anything else related to your character in JFH.

To get a better idea of what Development Calls are all about, check out the latest three with JFH Heroes Armored Knight, Lifeline, and Guru Mer Kaba.

We hope to link with you soon!


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