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Landmark Moment at Hero Meetup XVII

This past weekend, we had a LANDMARK Hero Meetup. We formed the JFH Content Team and the results were utterly groundbreaking.

At our regular Hero Meetup (where anyone is welcome to come and learn about the first crowdsourced show Justice For Hire, watch here), we opened up major SPOILERS for our season finale. We want members of our Content Team to have access to story points before the rest of the community so they can craft content that inspires the rest of the cast. What happened after we revealed these spoilers is what really blew us away. A cast member, who goes by the in-character name M0US3, catalyzed the narrative alignment of Justice For Hire’s next two seasons.

Letting the community in on story points that we previously kept secret not only allowed us, as the production team, to feel more connected to our audience, but also allowed the audience to completely elevate the future of our series! One intentional session with our community just supercharged our brand and our strategy.

These types of guided, participatory fan experiences will become pivotal to the future of the film & television industry. This is the ecosystem we’re lucky enough to be focused on daily with ReelwUrld, the studio that produces Justice For Hire. Everyone is uplifted through collaboration. Everyone knows that their perspective matters. Everyone’s story is a beam in the bridge we are building toward a shared goal together. All of this centralized on a single app.

A quick side note: A great example of the feeling we are working toward with Justice For Hire’s cinematic universe is in Marvel’s latest Phase 4 trailer. The shot in the trailer (made on someone’s phone) where an entire theater explodes into cheers as Captain America summons Thor’s hammer is the energy we are focused on cultivating with our community.

As always, thanks for being a part of our community. Onward and upward!


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