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Justice For Hire | One App To Unite All Heroes

ReelwUrld is proud to present a brand new trailer for Justice For Hire, the world’s first crowdsourced cinematic universe.

Our growing community of heroes are here to serve justice, instantly. Meet the cast in our latest panel streaming now, in partnership with WarnerMedia’s Urban Action Showcase (we won Best Web Series and Best Visual Effects this year!)

The conversion rate between feeling inspired, or identifying a problem, and actually doing something needs to be higher. That’s what’s so exciting about Justice For Hire. The cast uses their alter ego to be a hero in their own lives, thus making the world a better place. That’s what ReelwUrld is all about.

The narrator of this trailer is the incredible Demetrius Angelo, the founder of the Urban Action Showcase. Thank you for lending your voice, and sharing your vision for a better world.

If you need a hero, or if you are one, join us.


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