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Guru Mer Kaba's Excellent #WashTheHate Mission

This week we were BLOWN AWAY by JFH hero Guru Mer Kaba’s response to our first nationwide Mission with Wash The Hate. The Mission was to stand in solidarity with the Asian American community against the racist crimes being committed. We’ve received many interpretations of that Mission from the JFH Cast. Vintij demonstrated how to turn anger into peace. Vengeance made an in-character trailer speaking out against anti-Asian racism. Guru Mer Kaba went another route: he kicked some ass AND sent an impactful message. WE LOVE IT. Watch below.

A little background on Guru Mer Kaba—he’s been an active member of the JFH App Test Team for the last few months (The test team helps us refine new features before they go live to the public). He also recently joined the JFH Content Team to experiment with new storytelling methods that will expand the JFH cinematic universe.

We’re still recruiting for the JFH Content Team. Check out the latest Hero Meetup to learn more about what the Content Team is all about before you sign up. And if you’re not in the cast yet, join and choose your character role here.

Thanks all for being part of our growing community.


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