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Heroes & Villains, Be In Our Title Card!

We are finishing our very first title card and WE WANT YOU TO BE IN IT to help convey our message of unity through cinema! This title card will be used for all ReelwUrld productions, including Justice For Hire. All we need is a video of you holding your phone. Please watch our request video here for an example of what we need:

Please send us your video by Friday, April 30 using this form:

A quick recap of what we’ve been up to lately. Jan was a panelist on the Evolution of Martial Arts in Cinema presented by Urban Action Showcase this past weekend, seated amongst action icons, representing the future of action filmmaking. Watch here.

We hope all JFH cast members who RSVP’d to the virtual premiere of Mortal Kombat last night enjoyed the film. More cool opportunities like that to come. Also, episode 01 of ReelwUrd's first cinematic universe built with a community, Justice For Hire, just hit 7.2M views. What this single video has done for our movement is staggering.

Thanks as always for the continued support on this journey. #HeroesUnitingWorldwide


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