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Hero Meetup XVII TOMORROW, Very Important One

We’re kicking off May strong with a Hero Meetup on Saturday, May 1 (TOMORROW) at 2pm ET/ 11am PT. If there was ever a Hero Meetup to attend, this is it. We’ll brainstorm our second nationwide mission and experiment with ways to collaborate on that storyline as a collective unit. RSVP here.

Think Thanos collecting infinity stones and we’re the Avengers--we’ll come up with a storyline like this, but with a more grounded tone that’s more aligned with Justice For Hire’s universe rules. Once we decide on this storyline, heroes across the country will be able to connect their own, unique, local stories to this larger narrative. When we say “we’re building this together,” this is what we mean. Every hero lays down their brick that creates our cinematic universe.

This Hero Meetup is an extremely important part in testing out processes that will soon release on our app. In fact, so important, that we’re recruiting for our new JFH Content Team starting tomorrow. If you’re interested in joining, come to the Meetup to get a taste of what you’re signing up for.

This is extremely experimental stuff and as always, we’re so grateful for the impact each and every one of you has on our growing community.


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