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Heroes! We’re joining WarnerMedia's Urban Action Showcase at 6:30pm EST on Saturday to update the community on all we have going on in JFH and beyond, the "beyond" meaning ReelwUrld—our social film studio that makes crowdsourced cinematic universes like JFH possible.

ReelwUrld is part of fan-owned company that is changing the way entertainment works. This weekend's event is a great place to hear from Justice For Hire creator and ReelwUrld CEO Jan Lucanus to learn about our goals for 2021.

Save this link to watch live, or look out for the full presentation on our YouTube later this week.

Attention JFH Community! As many of you know, Justice For Hire is produced by ReelwUrld, a social film studio that makes cinematic universes with the world. ReelwUrld kicked off 2021 with an equity crowdfunding campaign, and we have a new promo that really simplifies our message: We believe fans and studios creating together can make better shows and movies.

Justice For Hire is the starting point. We expect ReelwUrld to blossom into the new fan-owned home of fandom where you can create your own characters within the cinematic universes you know and loveMarvel, Star Wars, etc. It all starts with the success of JFH. Spread the word by joining us on IG, sharing the latest episode with your friends, or investing in our crowdfunding campaign. Whatever you choose, you are the future of filmmaking.

See you on set.

Fan-favorite JFH hero Juice makes his Justice For Hire series debut gliding through the streets of Brooklyn on his inline skates in Episode 03, "Morning Juice." The original score by renowned cyberpunk band Angelspit takes the episode to another level. Don’t miss it.

Justice For Hire is produced by ReelwUrd, a social film studio that makes movies with the world. JFH is ReelwUrld's first crowdsourced cinematic universe. Many more to come. Hit the "Invest" button on our site to learn more about our plans for the future.

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