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RSVP | Hero Meetup XXVII Friday (April 15) at 8pm EST

RSVP for our next Hero Meetup tomorrow (Friday) at 8pm EST. We have a very big announcement and we can’t wait to share the details with you. We also want to highlight a new member in the JFH Cinematic Universe: a hero named Blunt Force Trauma.

It’s a huge deal for me and our whole ReelwUrld team when people really get our vision to produce movies and shows with communities. BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA aka @serenregalado has been talking about our first show Justice For Hire on his social media for months, so when he finally joined the cast as his character (starting with an intro video like this one) and had a COMPLETELY ORIGINAL OUTFIT DESIGN, we were all blown away.

This type of care for creativity is the foundation of the whole ReelwUrld vision. When we treat our ideas with the same reverence given to Hollywood movies and shows, it’s reflected in our creations. BFT is a representation of how big our stories can feel and how far we can go when we’re united in building our own worlds to play in. Just wait till we plug custom action figures into our platform… BFT will be on my bookshelf! Until then, you can join the cast too, and Ally or Rival BFT on the JFH App (

Tomorrow’s Hero Meetup is all about defining the SPIRIT of JFH. We’ll talk about your favorite movies and shows that make you FEEL GREAT, and how we can adapt aspects of them into our cinematic universe.

Our 27th JFH Hero Meetup happens this Friday, April 15 at 8pm EST / 5pm PST on Zoom and ALL ARE WELCOME! RSVP here or go directly to the Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 846 7635 1805

See you in our Cinematic Universe!


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