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New Missions @ Hero Meetup XXIII TOMORROW!


It’s time to take on NEW MISSIONS. Come to our 23rd Hero Meetup this Saturday at 2pm EST on Zoom for a sneak peek. RSVP here.

Missions are one of the most important (if not the most) important things to do on the JFH app. Missions are the lifeblood of the JFH Cinematic Universe and series that we’re all making together. “Hire a hero or become one,” our tagline, is all about missions—hire a hero to take on a mission or become a hero to take on a mission.

Missions also tie the entire cinematic universe together—when multiple heroes complete a mission, those heroes are all contributing to one single story. That’s what JFH is about: telling a story together. We’re deep in post-production on the next season of JFH, and these missions are also one of the many ways your story can make it into the JFH Series. Come Saturday and we’ll get into this even more.

Check the JFH app tonight for the newest mission. A new one will come out every week.

Closing out the year strong, we’ve also released the official Vision Video for Justice For Hire’s production company, ReelwUrld. In it, you’ll learn all about how ReelwUrld is Making Movies With the World. You’ll also see JFH Founder Jan Lucanus combining everything he loves into one video—making movies, singing, rapping, acting, and being a dad—with cameos from ReelwUrld’s cofounding team, esteemed advisors, and more. It’s an epic video with an epic message. Head to to watch, it’s right at the top of the page.

Hope to see you Saturday!


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