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In 2021, You Are The Future of Filmmaking

As many of you know, JFH is produced by ReelwUrld, a social film studio that makes movies with the world. ReelwUrld is building a new form of filmmaking where anyone with a phone can join a movie or TV show cast and create, just like social media, but within a story that connects all of the content (aka a crowdsourced cinematic universe). JFH is our first crowdsourced cinematic universe, but we want to build a lot more universes this year, and we’ll need your help.

To celebrate the New Year, ReelwUrld launched its first equity crowdfunding campaign. This means you have the opportunity to invest and be a part of the company, sharing in the success of our content and technology. The “U” in ReelwUrld stands for you, because you are who actually brings our vision to life. Whether you're creating content, just watching, or decide to invest, you are a vital part of our community and we’re so grateful for you.

Looking into the New Year, we look forward to a world where everyone creates characters and stories together—as if the world itself is one big cinematic universe, ripe with the authenticity, courage, and integrity that makes both a good story, and a better world.

And on the topic of making the world a better place, don’t forget to RSVP for Tuesday’s Hero Training, Tai Chi to the People. JFH Founder and 3x Tai Chi world champion Jan Lucanus hosts a weekly, donation based class to support noble causes.

As always, thank you for being a part of our community. If you need a hero, or you are one, join us.


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