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How to LO$E MONEY in the HERO BUSINESS out now!

Heroes, Villains, and Clients (who hire us),

Chapter 1 of JFH Hero SZN is complete and Chapter 2 part 1 just dropped TODAY!

You can remix the original soundtrack of any of these episodes in your own action scenes and upload to the JFH App to be featured in this season with heroes from aroun the world. 🎥🤜😭

See you on set!


Jan aka Hero #0

JFH Founder

DISCLAIMER: JFH Is NOT a vigilante app. JFH is a show made on the ReelwUrld cinematic social network 🌎🎬📲.  All characters and stories are fictional, made up by people like YOU.  🥷🦸🦸🏿‍♂️🦸🏻‍♀️  Any similarities to real world events are intended as social commentary.  PLEASE, don’t do anything STUPID when making your scenes. 🙏

Your Cinematic Universe™.


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