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Go Action Figure Yourself🦸‍♀️| JFH X DOPL

Heroes, Villains, and Clients,

Get your own CUSTOM ACTION FIGURE!! Thanks to our partnership with DOPL, you can now have a figurine of yourself in all your heroic or villainous glory.

The big vision here is for all of us to have our own action figures on a JFH marketplace. This means you can make money off of every figure of yourself sold.

Read that sentence again, cuz that’s a huge deal and no community on earth has that. JFH4Life! Check the announcement video:

While we do want action figures of the entire global JFH cast, this opportunity is currently only accessible to JFH cast members in New York City where the DOPL store is located. We’ll expand to Los Angeles in August, and more locations after. Sign up for the waitlist here.

If you’re in NYC, prepare to get a full body scan dressed as your character. Schedule your scanning time and choose the size of your figure from Be sure to mention “Justice For Hire” to get 20% off your figure.

We’ll have a special in-person Hero Meetup on July 8 at the New York DOPL store. Mark your calendars and we’ll share more soon.

And remember that our Action Scene Remake Competition with WarnerMedia’s Urban Action Showcase is currently running toward a deadline of August. Important note: JFH CAST MEMBERS WILL GET A HUGE SPECIAL PRIZE IF THEY DO ALL 3 OF THE FOLLOWING:

  1. Waitlist or get a DOPL.

  2. Create for our Comic Con event (to be announced).

  3. Create for the Action Scene Remake Competition.

Our cinematic universe is expanding. Stay ready!

With Love,

Jan at JFH HQ


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