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First Hero Meetup of 2022 x New App Video


Due to covid, we’ve rescheduled our next Hero Meetup for January 7 at 8pm EST. RSVP here.

2021 was our biggest year yet and it’s because of all the ambitious new ways we came together as a community–we slayed the Action Scene Competition, we conquered 2x Comic Con’s, our summer shoot in NYC was next-level, JFH episode 01 got over 7.5M views on TikTok because of all your passion, we partnered with Wash The Hate in solidarity with the Asian American community, and the JFH App Test Team put in work to make the app better every week. All that ^ and more.

Join us next Friday at 8pm EST for Hero Meetup XXIV to celebrate this incredible year of coming together as a community to make history as the world’s 1st show ever made with the audience.

And on that big, strong, heroic note of making history, we present to you the first video you’ll see when entering the JFH App: The Welcome Video.

This video is the most simple, concise, and powerful explanation of the JFH app to-date. It has taken us years and years to make joining the JFH cinematic universe as fun and easy as it is today and we can’t wait to refine that process even more with you this coming year.

Please share both the video and a Hero Meetup XXIV invite with anyone you know who may be interested in joining JFH as a hero, villain, or client–or anyone who simply wants to watch all this magic happen.

Join us.


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