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Action-Packed (Literally) Hero Meetup XXI on Saturday


The next JFH Hero Meetup is going down this weekend! Come hyped and ready to compete in our next action competition. You heard that right. The Superhero Kung Fu Extravaganza Challenge was such a success that we’re having another action competition in partnership with WarnerMedia’s Urban Action Showcase in October!

We’ll go over all of the action films being honored at this year’s Urban Action Showcase that you can use as inspirations for your scenes— from The Raid to Raiders of the Lost Ark to Tomb Raider, to non-raiding classics like Bruce Lee’s Fist of Fury or the less classic Green Hornet (the one with no Bruce Lee), and more—at the Hero Meetup.

Be thoughtful in your execution, because you may get the opportunity to have your scene screened on the panel and judged by a group of esteemed martial artists and filmmakers. We’ll go over the requirements for the scene and talk about techniques to make your video the best it can be at Saturday’s Hero Meetup.

Set a reminder: Saturday, September 18 at 2pm EST. Come inspired and ready to participate. RSVP here. If you’re new to the JFH community or thinking of joining, this meetup is the perfect jumping on point. If you’re already part of the movement, you’ll be happy to see what’s coming next for us.

P.S. Check out Jan’s episode of the What Are You Watching? podcast with Chris Mancini. He talks about how crowdsourced cinematic universes like JFH are the future of filmmaking.


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