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A Video Celebrating Our Audience, 7.5M Views & the Future

Ever since Justice For Hire went viral on TikTok, we’ve looked forward to releasing a video to celebrate the explosive support from our growing JFH community. All the content you have submitted, all the comments you drop underneath videos, and all the shares and shoutouts are more valuable to us than the number of views (ahem...7.4M+ tho). Take a look:

We’re so proud of the fact that JFH is leading the cultural shift toward more meaningful community collaboration in entertainment, which ultimately leads to meaningful collaboration in the real world. “This is better than games. Let’s all do it!” and “It would be wonderful to be united against all crime.”—these types of comments are a testament to the desire for true audience participation in storytelling. We’re honored to be building a Cinematic Universe with you.

Join us on the app, if you haven’t already:

JFH Team

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