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A Thank You Message from JFH Founder Jan

It’s my birthday and I’m reflecting on how important EACH OF YOU are to me. I’ve worked on JFH since high school, through film school and most of my career as a writer/producer/director, and the missing ingredient was always YOU. Here’s a short video on how how long it took me to figure that out.

I used to meet amazing people who felt like heroes and I wanted to cast them as characters in a JFH film, but no one movie or short could contain everyone. When Marvel introduced the Cinematic Universe, I think we all started realizing how we could all be connected through visual storytelling, so we started building our community around the idea of a shared story world. Years later, we have our own app ( - thanks to our developer, Andra) and a global community of heroes, villains, and clients that hire them, AND we’re finally editing the first season of our JFH show. All of this is made possible by your involvement, and I want to say THANK YOU for making my dream come true by portraying the dope characters you dream up.

Love you all!

Also, if you want to help us make more movies and shows with communities, invest in our social film studio. Our first Community Round is live on and the early investor bonus spots are nearly half filled so get in soon!


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