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Justice for Hire is a cinematic universe starring you.


Justice For Hire (aka  JFH) is a social storytelling community powered by ReelwUrld. Join our crowdsourced cinematic universe to create your own superhero and make movies with your friends.

​JFH exists to help you tell your story in a way that inspires real change in the world. Team-up with new friends to BE A HERO in your neighborhood, city, country, and our world.

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Three things you need to know:

Missions are canonical content you create for your character in our shared universe. They are designed to fictionalize solutions to real world problems and drive the mega-narrative forward.
Challenges are all about crafting your character independent of JFH—whether that's creative development, physical or mental training, or your hero's journey.

The JFH series is the main timeline of our cinematic universe. It's the glue that holds us together.

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Autumn Noel

Entertainment journalist and digital editor


Andra Roxana Stanciu

App developer, Social Change Film Festival producer

Jan Lucanus

Justice For Hire creator, world champion martial artist


World-renowned cyberpunk band scoring the JFH series


Somnang Vahn




Hip Hop veteran with credits including Ludacris, Mary J. Blidge


Barry Navidi

Film producer, Al Pacino's production partner

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