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Hire a hero or become one and get paid.

Justice For Hire (aka JFH) is a new type of show that's made on a social network. Fans of JFH create their own characters on our app, and then star as those characters in Missions and Challenges that expand our cinematic universe. 


The JFH story itself follows an entrepreneur who made an app that's like "Uber for heroes"—everyday people can hire a hero or become one and get paid. 


Join the JFH community via the JFH app to create your own original character and become a part of our show right from your phone. 

Three things you need to know:

Missions are canonical content you create for your character in our shared cinematic universe. Missions drive the collective narrative forward.
Challenges are all about crafting your character independent of the JFH story. Challenges are your hero's journey.

The JFH series is the main timeline of our cinematic universe. It's the glue that holds us all together. Your completed Missions and Challenges may be used in the JFH series because every piece of content in our shared cinematic universe affects the series timeline.