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Our Mission: Help a BILLION People Become Superheroes

Heroes, Clients & Villains,

We are finally organized with enough content to start editing the JFH Series live on Twitch next week. Get ready to make scenes that are meant to be seen in a big way.

Also, ReelwUrld, the social film studio behind Justice For Hire, has a new mission statement to help a BILLION people become superheroes in movies and shows. We’ve got a new 1-minute video to go with that updated mission statement too. Please watch below.

This same video now precedes our Vision Video on ReelwUrld’s WeFunder page. If you’re over 18 and want to be a co-owner of the studio producing JFH, take a look.

In JFH app news, we now have 10 MISSIONS released and ready for you to take on. Go to, press the Yin Yang button, then press Hero to get on your Hero grind.

And finally, in case you missed the PROFOUND last episode of our podcast with Jeff Gomez (advisor to Star Wars, Marvel, and ReelwUrld), take a listen on Spotify, Apple, Google Podcasts, or watch below.

With love,

JFH Team


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